Sunday, September 18, 2011

Folly of One presents...


Well, I know I've been talking about moving the blog for quite some time now.  I figured it was one of those whiny things I'd never follow through with.  And that's fitting, as I felt the blog was getting whiny and uninteresting.

So finally, one night not so long ago, I did something.

I moved my blog.

I've been tinkering with the site for a little bit, so I can limit the changes I make after moving my followers over there, but I'm pretty sure it's done and ready to be seen! (Almost. I reserve the right to still make changes to the header and whatnot.)

So, without further ado, I present to you:

I wanted to change up the tone a little bit, and expound on stories that maybe I would have only touched on with this blog.  I also wanted to get away from the dating drama. Not that there isn't entertainment value in dating stories (there is) but as I'm really committing to this online dating thing, I don't want any paramours to find this blog by accident. SO. New blog, new tone. New Folly? No, same old silly Folly. Sorry.

Please enjoy the new blog! Leave comments, laugh a bit, enjoy the new blog.

I didn't transfer these posts over to the new site.  I thought about it, but since I wanted to change the tone, I decided I wouldn't do it.  So now, I'll attempt to close up some loose ends on this blog before making the perma-switch to the new one:

-Trevor the Stomach is still a little bitch, but since seeing the doctor he's become more manageable.  Still avoiding Garlic and onions, though I'm able to stomach them a little bit more in processed foods.

-Along those lines, since I'm currently reading "Dracula" by Bram Stoker, I've decided my mild garlic allergy indicates I am, in fact, a vampire.

-My mood is still good when I take my Vitamin D, so if you're looking for some happy pills might I suggest this happy vitamin? Does a body good, it does.

-eHarmony is intense! I've had one date off the site. It was a good date, but there were no sparks. We'll go on a second date this week, give a chance for sparks to happen, but I still feel like I'm "looking". He's really super into me though.  REALLY super into me. Hmm.

-I'm hoping eHarmony works! But it's hard not to get discouraged when this process moves so slow.  Trying to stay positive about the whole thing though!

I'll still keep this blog up for a little while, for comments and whatnot, but eventually it'll be put down so please update your bookmarks to the new site!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm Still Alive

Folly here. I finally took a jump and did something I've been thinking about for a while for this blog, so I guess I'm "under construction" at this point.

When the time is right, I'll reveal the new Folly...

Stay tuned!!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Folly is still alive! It's a miracle!

I have been working on and attempting to write this post for over a week now.  The delay is partially because I've been so darn busy, and partially because I just didn't know how to fit everything into one post. I say that a lot - maybe if I didn't spread out my posts so much I wouldn't have so much to say!

I finally saw my GP about Trevor and his issues.  I was hesitant to bring up the depression on it's own because I still had this nagging feeling that something was very different about this funk, that it wasn't actually a depression but a symptom of something else. Plus, the most important thing was to take care of Trevor. GI issues are hell, and if I could figure out Trevor then maybe I could figure out my head.

I was super nervous going into the appointment.  Doctor visits alone don't make me nervous, but I hadn't been in for about three years, and I was terrified of two outcomes - the Dr would tell me I'm crazy and causing the problems myself, or he'd rush me to the emergency room. Neither of these was an acceptable outcome for me. Surely, I thought, there had to be a middle ground.  Nevertheless, my heart was an Indy car driver in my chest, and the nurse had to tell me to relax and calm down while I sat in the pediatric room (all the other rooms were full).

I had my notebook and list of symptoms, everything I wanted to discuss with him and then some. I laid out my symptoms, gave a time frame, discussed in detail the sharp, stabby pains and the burning and the cramping and the whatnot. I was the golden patient.  Then he did what all doctors are so very good at doing - he asked the question, the question, the one I was not prepared for but was so, so simple, so uncomplicated, so....obvious.  And he asked The Obvious Question so calmly and simply that I thought, "Why didn't I think of logging that symptom? Why, I have no idea how to answer that."  I glanced at my notes and stumbled, mumbling "um, I don't know. No?"  Suddenly I didn't feel like the golden patient.

Probably more golden than most, though. I mean, I must give myself some credit.

Then he asked questions about fiber pills and supplements, why I stopped taking some and why I wasn't taking others, and again asked obvious questions that I hadn't thought of, and I felt almost defeated. "That's it, I'm bringing this pain on myself, I didn't need this visit. He thinks I'm an idiot I'm sure of it!"  I answered his questions, trying to be as honest as possible - I am in pain, after all. 

Side note: He's been seeing me since I was 7 years old, so if I was an idiot I'm pretty sure he already knew that.

He then turned more toward me on his little rolling seat and said, "Well, it looks like we need to get more aggressive in our treatment."  He walked over to a shelf on the wall, grabbed a full-color illustration of stomach and GI issues, and explained to me that I have...

Acid Reflux.

Wha--? Acid Reflux? The annoying thing with the acid and the throat and the whatnot? You mean, I'm not dying? You see, Folly is a bit of a hypochondriac.  A hypochondriac in denial, if you will.  I always assume it's the worst condition, and any little pain I have MUST be indicative of something larger, but I also believe that I must be exaggerating, so I never get anything checked out. As an example, it had crossed my mind that I may have the HIV or the AIDS or the Colon Cancer, despite any sort of evidence to the contrary.  Please have a laugh at my expense - it will make me feel less pathetic.  Plus, I didn't see how I could have acid reflux without feeling that annoying reflux part - isn't that, like, the whole point of a reflux condition?

Then he explained the condition to me.  Yeah, turns out, I have that.

I'm now taking about 9 pills a day split between the morning and evening, with 7 of those pills relating to Trevor and his issues. It's a lot, but it sounds like it's temporary for now.  I have to see the doctor again in a few weeks to see if this is working.

Almost all of my morning pills. Ugh.
I'm so happy to have some explanation for Trevor. I've been able to reintroduce - slowly - foods I used to enjoy, including foods that have onions in them. Not a lot of onions, mind you, but little bits here and there. It's been almost refreshing to be able to eat again!

Something else that came out of that doctor visit is that I am very low on Calcium and Vitamin D. I now have to take a daily supplement to ensure I'm getting enough calcium, as not only am I getting enough, but all the pills I'm on hinder calcium absorption.  So, these two giant HORSEPILLS are part of my daily 9 pill haul. I hate them. But...butbutbutbutBUT:

I feel so much happier.  Not that there's a lot of conclusive evidence that the two are related, but Vitamin D can (can, not does or will) help with mood elevation.  And guess what? Whether it's a placebo effect or for realsies I feel so much better being on this supplement. Maybe one day I'll eat enough calcium and get out in the sun often enough for my body to make the vitamin myself, but for now the supplement seems to be working.  Yay!!

In other news, WNG pops up every now again, texting at odd times, not responding, then finally responding at odd times again.  He's a bit of an odd duck, that one.

And in other OTHER news, I am all signed up on eHarmony.  Sort of.  I haven't paid yet.  A friend of mine who used the site and found her fiancee said if you make a profile and then don't sign up for a week, they send you a great coupon.  So I'm waiting for my coupon.

Meanwhile, I've had at least 12 men want to initiate the "Guided Communication" with me, and two more emails are sitting in my inbox so it's probably more like 13 or 14 guys.  HOLY CRAP FOLLY IS OVERWHELMED BY THE MEN.  I don't get ONE guy to talk to me per MONTH in real life, much less 14 in LESS THAN 24 HOURS.  That coupon should probably hurry up, or all these emails are going to scare me away from the site!

But I'll make the guys sweat it out a bit. No need to look desperate 'round these parts. Right? RIGHT?


UPDATE: I decided to go ahead and pay for the eHarmony subscription.  I looked at the costs, and what I would save with the expected coupon, and I decided it's not worth it to wait a week. Oh, and the number is up to 16 17 guys wanting to talk to me now. Schiesse...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'll Pencil You In

It's official...
Folly is seeing a doctor next week! It's overdue, but it's finally happening.  Plus, I was able to get an early morning appointment early in the week, so it's like Win-Win right now.  If the doc can figure out what's up with me, then it'll be Win-Win-Win...or something like that.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this website that my dear friend KB got me hooked on:

Harto & Co.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's A Cup-Cup-Cup-Cake World

I'm not a food blogger, and I have no intention of becoming a food blogger, much as I love cooking and baking.  Other people have that niche covered, and they're much better about it than I am.  Also, they're probably much cleaner in the kitchen.

But I was so tickled and amused with the Banana Split-flavored cupcakes I made this morning for a work barbecue this afternoon that I had to share everything with you!

I wanted to come up with a great dessert for my office peeps, one they hadn't seen before.  I make brownies all the time so those were nixed.  They love my homemade marshmallows, but a) they've seen them before and b) they're pretty labor intensive.

Then I got my daily email from Hungry Girl and she had a bunch of nifty cupcake recipes.  Hungry Girl is a fun website for healthy food tips, tricks, and recipes that use items most Americans probably have in their pantry.  Now, I'll be honest here and let you know that sometimes she uses processed foods along with fresh foods for her recipes and I'm not big on processed foods. I also don't have many of them in my pantry (or I try not to, anyway) so I don't often make her recipes for that reason.  Since I had to go shopping for food for the barbecue anyway, I didn't mind picking on of her recipes for this occasion!  (All her recipes use Weight Watchers Points so if you follow that diet/lifestyle, it's definitely worth checking out.)

ANYHOO, this is the recipe I used: Banana SplitCakes (that's the printable recipe, so if you click it a fun little window might pop-up. It's also the third recipe down here)

The very first thing I did was make the frosting - Cool Whip and Strawberry Preserves.  Easy peasy.  My apartment gets h-o-t, as I've discovered when making homemade buttercream, so I didn't want my frosting to melt before I had a chance to decorate!! I set it aside, in a bowl in the fridge, and then made the batter:

Yummy, yummy batter
This made me nervous, because I didn't follow the recipe on the cake mix box, but instead followed the Hungry Girl recipe.  As such, I didn't add egg or oil, just some baking powder.  I wasn't sure what to expect (I'm notoriously awful at baking with a recipe - I can either wing it, or I need the recipe to be very, incredibly specific).  The hardest part of the entire process was right here, when I needed to mash - by hand - 4 bananas.  I thought I could just take a fork and mash-mash-mash, but apparently my bananas weren't ripe enough for that. So. It took a while.

Ready for the oven!
I'd also like to point out that this was the TASTIEST cake batter I've ever had.

The recipe said that the cupcakes would take approximately 20 minutes to bake.  I ended up baking them for closer to 30 minutes.  It was hard to tell if they were ready because of the banana in the cake batter. 

Hmm, so far they look normal!
Then I stuck all the cupcakes on a tray and put them in the fridge to cool down while I went to shower, get dressed, and pretty myself up for the barbecue.

The next step was frosting the cupcakes.  I have a nifty cupcake carrier, so I put all the cupcakes in their position before frosting.  It's a little harder to frost them that way, but I'm less likely to drop them or mess them up.  I put the frosting into a plastic baggie and cut the end off so I could pipe it onto the cakes - I figured this would be the least messy way.

Then I grabbed a pinchful of chocolate chips and sprinkled them on the cakes, and topped with a hand-cut maraschino cherry (do you know how EXPENSIVE pre-cut cherries are? Ridiculous.)

Mmmm, hand-cut cherries...
The end result was some pretty stinkin' beautiful cupcakes, and they tasted amazing too!

bon appétit!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Folly's Follies Deserve an Update!

Oh my goodness.  I feel like I've been crazy-busy lately, and I know I'm a total slacker with my blog reading (so sorry everyone!!), and I feel like I sort of left you all with this vision of me as depressed, withering away in my bed all day, not eating.

That's usually me when I'm depressed.

But I was able to pull myself out of bed to go to work, and occasionally get to the gym (and almost fall off an elliptical machine.)  And I was even able to eat a bit of food. Sort of. As much as Trevor would let me.

But now I'm prepping for having some lady friends over tomorrow night, so I only have a bit of time, but I wanted to let you know that Hey! I'm okay!  The plan is to the see the doctor sometime in August, when I get another paycheck and can actually afford to see a doctor.  I hope he'll be able to sort out my moods AND my stomach issues.

Also, WNG and I are finito.  After he contacted me, we hung out once and it was great and comfortable.  We were supposed to hang out a mere two days later, and at the last minute he canceled on me.  He called later that night and I found out that oh – he's got a week of travel here and two travel weeks there and that's all within 5 WEEKS OF EACH OTHER so it's just clear that he has NO time for me right now.  So.  The plan is to sign up for eHarmony in August (again, when I get a paycheck and can afford it).

Even my mother thought it was a great idea, so I figure if my mom approves of online dating then there's no turning back and chickening out now.

It's interesting, though, how many women keep telling me, "awww, he could come around! Maybe you'll work out!"  <-- I had that conversation with a coworker today.  Love her, and she loves hearing about my dating life, but she said that and I just said something vague like, "Yeah, I guess we'll see. I'm not holding my breath haha" while thinking to myself, "Why would I stick with him? I deserve someone who will make time for me!"

In addition to sounding like a whiny, love-struck 17-year-old, I've been working on some professional growth things – attending classes and whatnot – so I'm hoping to move forward into a different career within the next year.  Things are looking up, so I'm hoping this will all lift my mood a bit! Maybe even Trevor will be happier, too!

So, in short (but really, longer than intended) I'm feeling better and looking forward to just moving forward with everything.  Here's hoping things continue movin' on up! 

Oh, and my cashier at the liquor store today? McHottie.  Also, McFlirtie.  Must purchase more alcohol on Thursday evenings!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Good heavens, Follies, STOP THE PRESSES!!

WNG contacted me.  The guy I'd completely written off contacted me, eager to get together after a few busy weeks at work.

Say wha--?

I'd really written him off.  I mean, sure, my gut a while back told me to wait it out, and my two closest, bestest friends told me to wait it out a bit longer, but based on every previous experience ever, when a guy says he's too busy, it does NOT mean he's too busy.  It means he's not interested in ever seeing me again and can't say so.

But now, here's WNG.

We have two dates set up - today and Tuesday.  I was just perusing a singles event at the local zoo (happening in two weeks) and was pricing tickets when he contacted me.  I wonder if I can convince him to purchase a ticket...we can pretend to meet there...I mean, listen, people at this event get to take part in interactive exhibits with the animals.  I could meet a giraffe, or an elephant.  So, I kinda want to go.

Anyhoo, back to the point of this post - not that there is a point, but I'll try to come up with one - apparently, guys really can be busy.  I don't think it excuses him disappearing for a while, but in his case, it was true.

Which means I really don't understand guys now.  But at least I have one happy point back in my life. Now, to work on happying the other points...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Folly Considers Online Dating and Also Loves Giraffes

There are two things that make me feel better when I'm feeling down: Cleaning the house and working out.  Now, I'm a naturally lazy person, so neither of these things are all that appealing to me in ANY mood, but I'm pretty sure there's scientific evidence out there about a clean house equaling a clearer mind; however, I'm feeling lazy and I don't feel like searching it out and finding it for you. So, you'll have to trust me on that. I mean, c'mon - would I lie to you??

I wouldn't.


I went to the zoo today, so I was walking for hours out in the sunshine.  Sunshine + walking = much happier mood.  Then, when I got home, I cleaned up a bit around the house, especially the kitchen area.  Clean kitchen = much clearer mood.

I thought I was having a good day. At the very least, a rational day.

But once I sat down, got online, and started relaxing, I realized I wasn't in a good mood.  Apparently, it was only temporarily.

I still haven't seen WNG.  We texted last Friday, but he never responded.  I haven't heard from him, we haven't set up a date, and I have no friggin' clue what's going on with us. At this point, it's been a week and I've decided it's pretty clear - we're over.  He's not interested. Who knew the Nice Guys were such chicken shits?

So now I'm more seriously looking at dating websites. I think I'm able to afford it now, since I've recently received a pay raise at work (yay!) so I just have to pick one.  I wish they posted their "Free Communication Weekends" in advance - I'd hate to sign up and pay for a few months and then have them promote a free weekend!! (although last year there was a free weekend at the end of July, so maybe another one will happen soon??)

I've narrowed it down to and  I know about 10 people who met their current paramours/husbands on eHarms, and I'm familiar with the scientist behind (she's came to speak at my university while I was there. Luv huh!). I know both of these sites have some of the longest personality questionnaires, but I'm okay with that if it helps me get a better match.

Plus, they're pretty popular and well-known, so I feel like there will be more people signed up.  Or, to be clearer, there will be more GUYS signed up, therefore more chances for a match.

I can only afford one, so I'll have to make a choice.  So far, I'm leaning toward eHarms, but only time will tell. Naturally I'll keep you all posted (since apparently this blog is staying put, as I haven't figured out what I want to do with it/my "brand/etc. haha).

To end on a happy note, I give you a picture I took today of a giraffe.  I'm a sucker for anything giraffe-print, including actual giraffes.

And oh heck, let's throw in a Giraffe video, courtesy of SNL and Hulu, for the heck of it:

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Folly Gets Serious

At first, I was convinced I was Depressed.  The feeling's been going on for a few weeks now and I even put calling my doctor on my list of Things To Do But Will Procrastinate In Doing, but there was something off about it.  Something not so...sad.  Now, I'm generally a Depressive person, and I know what Depression feels like for me.  This was off.  So then I decided I must be suffering from Anxiety.  Again, something I know about.  In high school, I used to suffer Panic Attacks and Vertigo just at the thought of raising my hand to answer a question.

Despite my love of Alfred Hitchcock, I can't stand this movie.
I decided against the Anxiety when I realized I wasn't actually anxious about anything.  So I went back to Depression.

I'm still not positive that's what it is, since it seems different than what I've experienced before, but I'm certainly feeling something.  I have a lot of reasons to feel run-down, depressed, stressed-out, or more.  Mom is still unemployed, has been for 19 months, and it's really taking a toll on her.  She's very depressed, lacking confidence, and, as it happens with unemployment, money is tight.  She's also admitted that it's taking a toll on her and my father's relationship.

I'm not seriously worried about them, but I don't like to hear those things.

In addition, I spent the last four weeks training for my first ever 5k race, held on The Fourth.  I didn't run the 3.1 miles straight through, but I did my darndest and I achieved all of my goals for the event:
A.   Finish in under 45 minutes
B.   Don't be the last to finish
C.   Just Finish. Alive.

That other time is the "chip time", whatever that is.
I finished the race in 37:43.83, well under my 45 minute goal. YAY ME! Unfortunately, the training and the race left me completely spent.  I'll be honest - I did not take as good of care of myself as I should have with the training and the running.  I didn't drink enough water, I didn't eat enough protein - lesson learned, for sure.

So, what do we have so far? We have mom's stressors, which are a domino effect for the rest of the family.  We have physical stressors, from the running and the training.  We have the already existing stressors from trying to figure out a career path and dealing with Trevor the Terrible Large Intestine.

My feet are covered with 'skeeter bites (apparently wearing flip-flops, after running, on a summer night = bugs descend like crazy).  Oh, my computer keeps going berserk-o on me and I have no idea why!

Basically, it all adds up to be not being in a good head space.  Then, of course, there's WNG.  WNG is working a lot, and he was gone on the holiday weekend, and so I haven't seen him in over two weeks.  I haven't spoken to him on the phone in almost as long.  We've conversed ever-so-briefly via text messages in the last two days, but we haven't made any plans to see each other.

This upsets me.

But I can't tell if it upsets me because there's actually a root issue, or if it upsets me because I have so much going on right now that I can't deal with a boy at the moment.

I've tried to listen to my Gut, and determine if it's a Gut Issue or a Dragon Issue, but I have no feeling about it.  No Gut feelings.  No Dragon feelings.  Just unclear, upset feelings.

I don't really know where I'm going with this rant.  I started writing all these things down for myself and felt the need to share them with others.  Perhaps I'm just tired and just need some sleep.  Perhaps I somehow managed to fuck things up with this great guy and ended up with a crash-n-burn relationship to show for it.  Or, perhaps I'm just overthinking things with WNG because of other things going on right now. 

I don't know.  I just really don't know what's going on with any part of my life right now.  When I go back and preview the post, I feel so stupid about even complaining about the WNG issues.  I read what I've written and think, logically, this is No. Big. Deal.  But it doesn't feel like it's no big deal.

Geez, what am I, 17 again?


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Love is an Angel Disguised as Lust -- (Aymes Repplier)

Well hiddy ho there fellow Follies.  Hope you enjoyed that little story about the Lawyer.  Pretty good story, amirite? I've followed up with the girl who set us up, and she thanked me and was impressed with me being so honest with my feelings (I may have left out a detail or two).  She's also promised to let me know of other eligible bachelors she meets.  So.  We'll see.  I haven't told her I'm dating someone else since WNG and I haven't exactly had a talk yet about exclusivity.  Speaking of WNG...

Things are going well.  SUPER well.  I'm trying not to get too wrapped up in him, you know, avoid the whole "Halo Effect" thing, but he's just such a great guy, so it's becoming very difficult to keep my wits about me.

Young love, I s'pose.

We've been dating just under two months, and while we've discussed certain things like religion and families (religion, Follies, this is huge for me!), we've not discussed whether or not we're seeing other people, in a relationship, etc.  This is the part of dating I hate - that whole in-between part where you're not just getting to know someone but you aren't in a relationship just yet.  Okay, to be fair, I hate dating in general.  I like first dates....and being in a relationship.  That whole in between part? No, thank you.

He's been super busy with work lately, but he's still making an effort to see me, which tells me things are still well and good with us (I get super anxious with the little things HAVE to count).

I've also been giving more thought to the future of Folly of One and I've decided...what if I started a Tumblr? Same name (Folly of One, assuming it's available), I could keep the Twitter account, I could post smaller posts - maybe funnier posts (assuming you think I'm funny...humor me and say I am), or more pictures, or both, and it could be something I could keep private if I wanted or share if I wanted.  Most importantly, it could be something I could start without having the dating background to it.

That's ultimately the issue with this blog - moving forward and away from the heavy dating background.  That's not something I necessarily want to delete, as I feel I'd have to do with this blog to keep it around (and with the comics and the history, it's like deleting a child!), but something I feel like has served it's purpose.  I no longer need the blog to share my feelings and get over D, but I am interested in sharing my funny, innermost thoughts online (sort of).

So, what say the Follies? If I moved to a Tumblr would you still follow me? Is it a smart idea? I like the idea so far, but I don't want to rush into anything -- I have a habit of doing that online, and I want to really think smartly about this.

(Of course, if I made the move I'd update you all on the new site.  You've been great Follies and I don't want to lose you!!)

And because I hate posting a blog post without a picture or graphic of some kind, I give you:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Date with the Noisy Lawyer

I look back on this date and laugh.  It was a good date.  No one else really agrees with me, and it certainly makes for a great story, but I really had no idea was until I noticed other people's reactions as I told the story.

He called me directly instead of meeting me for drinks with the friend who set us up.  She said he'd rather contact me directly - fine with me.  So he called.  Red Flag one was the little mix-up in our activities for the evening.  I'd told our mutual friend, after seeing some of his photos on Facebook, that I had a thing for golfers.  Somehow that got back to him in a different form, and when he called he suggested we go hit some balls after dinner.

I don't play golf.

I can barely swing a club.

I attempted, and attempted is really the key word here, to explain the mix-up without fully giving away what I'd told our friend.  I glossed over my own skills or lack thereof at the sport and explained that I liked golf but I wasn't all that interested in playing.  His response was:

"You just need to practice more.  If you practice more, you'll like it."

Naturally.  I brushed aside his suggestion, or insistence, that I simply needed to practice the sport more to enjoy playing it (I'm perfectly content to caddy for my parents at the moment thankyouverymuch).

I'll caddy for you anytime, Rory McIlroy
As I walked up to the restaurant, I felt exactly like those people you see on the commercials, walking into their first date.  I felt all clammy and nervous, expecting that familiar jingle to start playing as I headed to the door in my jeans, tee, and pointy heels.

We went to a Vietnamese place and made our own spring rolls - super fun.  (Is it wrong that I now want to take WNG there for the same thing?)  We also had Vietnamese coffee, which was very tasty - also, very caffeinated.  I no longer drink soda, tea, or other caffeinated beverages past about 1pm, so I did not sleep a WINK that night.  Unfortunately, things went downhill not long after arriving. You see, I was told he was "only 5'9"."  This is not an issue, as I am short and even in 4-inch heels I don't break 5'7".  I quickly discovered that Lawyer was SO NOT the 5'9" I was told he was.  I practically towered over him.  This was weird - I'm never taller than anyone!

A personal annoyance of mine is someone who flashes their ability to pay for something at me.  Lawyer insisted I could order anything I wanted off the menu because he was paying.

Um, yes, yes you are paying, I wanted to say.  YOU are the one who called ME! That's my rule - barring any sort of long-term relationship mumbo-jumbo, or really expensive things like concerts or amusement parks, whoever does the asking does the paying.

I must give him credit, he seemed like a really nice, genuine guy, though he could have kept the volume down a bit when telling me about his recent cases.  He's very loud and talkative, and maybe the table behind us didn't need to hear about how one client had his penis out, in his hands, masturbating while women walked passed his car.  Or the details from the sexual assault by the guy who's now in court for the third time on such a charge.

Oh, yeah, side note: I cut my hair super short!!
I could feel my face going red as he spoke, and I tried to shrink as far down in my booth as possible.  At about this point, the table behind us got up to leave after they finished dinner, and as they left they stopped at our table and the lady said, "It was nice getting to know the two of you."

OH NO THEY DI'IN'T (oh yes they did)

WHO DOES THAT????  ANYONE reading our body language could tell that we don't really know each other, and we're likely on a first date.  You can usually tell which couples those are in a restaurant, and dear heavens to Betsy I would NEVER in a million years walk up to a couple that appeared to be on a first date and make such an asinine comment.

I wouldn't make such a comment to any couple, but especially not one that appeared to be on a first date.


Lawyer was kind of a showoff - telling me how he can do whatever he puts his mind to doing, no matter how hard.  Like skiing.  If he wants to go down a Double Diamond hill, then by golly he's going to make it down that Double Diamond hill no matter what.  Because he can.  He kept inviting me to go to Yoga with him the following night (his friend owns the place so he could probably get me a discount).  In fact, he invited me no less than three times to join him at Yoga.

His wallet was made of Argentinean leather, which, you know, is like, super rare and special.  He told me all about a European trip he took with an ex-girlfriend after high school, when they were already exes (don't ever do that, by the way, go on vacation with an ex. So he tells me...).  Really? I don't care if that was 10 years ago -- please don't mention any exes.

Despite his glowing qualities, we had nothing in common.  Different music tastes, movies, book subjects, height, volume levels...he just couldn't compare to WNG, who I'd seen only three days before (and was seeing again the next night, hence why I couldn't accept the ever-present Yoga invitation).

At the end of the date, he took out his phone and showed me pictures of his friend's dog - who had chewed up part of his Argentinean leather wallet - and his parents' two dogs.

After that date, I realized WNG really was the catch I thought he was (and still think he is!).  Also, I started to rethink these set-ups I never had an issue with before.   I MEAN REALLY!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Hyannis Port Update

My hiatus isn't helping.  I've been thinking on it, long and hard, and I've decided to let the follies help me out.

You see, I'm in a pickle.  A big, giant, green, kosher, dill pickle about the whole bloggy-blog world and where it fits with me.  I like it.  I love it.  I want some more of it - except for when I post some drunken posts. (But hey - those can be edited or deleted!)

Now - the pickle.  The real pickle.  The pickle that may not be a pickle at all (so, it's a cucumber?).  As you may (or, rather, SHOULD) know, I've been seeing this great guy I call WNG. Pronounced as "wing".  WNG is awesome.  WNG is nice.  WNG is someone with whom I can have a conversation about Tea Party politics, Dumb and Dumber and why we both don't like it, and our most embarrassing drunken incidents all in one night.  While missing out on the event we're attending.  That we paid to attend.

In short, he's great, I've met his sister, and at this point I don't want to fuck this up.  Hence the pickle (or cucumber).  Because while I don't think something as silly as a personal blog could possibly break up a couple (and if it could, maybe the couple shouldn't have been together anyway), I also don't think it's something worth coming between a great couple.  What if he doesn't want me to write about him at all?  What if he's uncomfortable with the fact that I had 4 dates within 9 days with 3 different guys, and he was one of the guys (and two of the dates)?

Most importantly and speculatively, what if he's uncomfortable with all The Bandleader posts?

Because you see follies, WNG is a friend of The Bandleader.

I always tend to speculate and postulate and other-lates and this could clearly not be a big issue.  He may not even be a good or great or best friend.  But I want to make sure I'm upfront and honest about everything, no keeping unnecessary secrets here, because a) Again, I don't want to fuck this up and b) We've been so honest up until now that there's no point in hiding a silly little blog.  But I also bring this up because I want to add to the blog a few small details that add up to one very significant change: My name and face.

I don't write solely about dates anymore.  In fact, I'm thinking I won't be writing about future dates at all, save for one very important doozy of a post to come soon (don't worry Josie, it's the post about the date with the overly-talkative Lawyer - it needs comics!!).

But adding my face and name makes it a little more real.  A little more personable.  And a little less creepy and stalkery.  It also makes me way easier to find online, hence the up-til-now delay in attaching names and faces and whatnot.

I mean, someone could Google me and then I'd pop up!  What then?

I'm rambling, I know, but perhaps you see where I'm coming from.  Attaching a name and a face to a currently-anonymous blog is a big step digitally, and it could have a ripple effect elsewhere in my life.  That was the point of the hiatus - to determine any ripples.

I haven't found them, but I'm sure they're there.

I like my blog, and I don't find anything about it overly embarrassing, but I'm scared to sort of open it up and let it out onto the world.  I'm a digital hypochondriac of sorts - I figure anything that could happen because of a blog will happen to me (I'll be fired, I'll get nasty messages from family, my friends will hate me, any and all future boyfriends will leave me...

Geez, why did I start a blog in the first place?

Anyhoo, I'll probably have a few more posts about my anxiety about the blog as I give myself a heart attack over the non-issues at hand, so you should probably get ready to roll your eyes at poor Folly.  In the mean time, here's a pretty photo (because I'm bad at writing conclusions):

I did actually take that photo in Hell, Cayman Islands. Awesome, yeah?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

makes me think of
Hyannis Port and
"Walcott" - a song by Vampire Weekend
in turn
makes me think of
the Genie in Disney's "Aladdin" singing:
"Hyannis Port is just a leaky faucet..."
(or something like that)

Folly will be back soon

After she figures out the
the Blog

oh, and her own future. That too.


EDIT: The Genie sings "Niagra Falls is just a leaky faucet" 
"Hyannis Port"

The realization of that mistake just gave me
a bad case of the giggles. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Picture Alone Makes This Post Worth Reading

ummm......YES PLEASE
I had a wonderful date Friday night with Wednesday-night-guy (now known as WNG, because it's shorter).  We went to dinner, split a bottle of wine, and spent so much time talking and laughing that our waiter had to come back more than four times to get our dessert order! After our three-hour dinner, we didn't want the night to end so we went to a movie theater to see "Thor".  I didn't think I'd enjoy the movie - I'd picked it because it sounded like a good movie for a date - but the movie was AMAZING.  A partially-undressed Chris Hemsworth doesn't hurt either ;)

He held my hand during the movie, he gave me a goodnight kiss, and I'm basically in love with this guy. (Also, totally in lust. What?? I'm honest!)

He's already called to set up a second date.  Meanwhile, the Lawyer (one of the set-ups by a friend) has called to set up a coffee/drinks date to get to know each other for Monday night.  So within the span of 8 days, I will have had three dates with three different guys - D, WNG, and the Lawyer.

I'm trying to go into Monday night's Get to Know You with an open mind -- I've only been out with WNG on one date, and I like this guy too much to have it turn into a Crash-and-Burn situation -- but I'm already trying to figure out how to nicely tell this guy Thanks But No.  Seems like a good idea to see him though, to keep myself grounded.  As I said, I don't want to have a Crash-and-Burn with WNG by getting too involved too soon.  This guy seems genuine and nice, and I don't want to lose him.  Plus, I did tell my friend I'd see and go out with the Lawyer.

It will be fun! I mean sure, I can barely handle one guy at a time and now I'm juggling two (possibly three...we'll get to that story in a bit) but it is a bit of an ego boost to have different guys clamoring for my attentions.  Plus, seeing more than one guy (if only for a little bit, as intended) can be a great way to see if the standout guy is really the standout.

Okay sure, I'm probably just trying to reassure myself that this is actually an okay thing to do.  But it makes sense!

Then, of course, I'm still dealing with D.  D and I met for dinner last Monday night.  In contrast to my three-hour dinner Friday night, the dinner on Monday night lasted a mere 30 minutes.  We had nothing to talk about.  D even looked bored!  He told me he wants to start hanging out more, and go to dinner again, and he's going to give me a call.  I'm so over him, and it's just sort of amusing at this point.  It's like he misses the relationship and what we had (makes sense) but he's confusing that with missing ME (which is not the same).  We'll see how things go with him.  I've tried to be open-minded to the whole being-friends-with-an-ex thing, but I just don't think it's for me.  To paraphrase Samantha from "Sex and the City",  he needs to channel his love for me toward his next relationship.

So it's been a crazy week! And it looks like the next week is going to be just as crazy.  But I'm super excited about life right now, which is great because I was so depressed not that long ago.  Things are going much better at work, which makes me feel much better about my future.  The only thing that saddens me right now is this crazy-busy social life leaves NO TIME to go to the gym!! Ahhh! I'm dying here without my gym time!

Guess I just need to hunker down and really make time for it.  But who wants to make time for the elliptical when I could be out and about with WNG? ;)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Atticus: The First Date

Atticus posts are hard for me to write.  It wasn't a good or healthy relationship, and I cringe when I think of what he did, the things I put up with, even his name.  Sorry it's taken so long to follow up the How we met story, but here it is!

Atticus called.  I was a friend's apartment and nervously giggled my way through the phone call.  He pointed out how much I laughed.  I was embarrassed; I could help it!  We set a date and time for our coffee date.  I picked the location, as he asked me to do, and I could tell from the tone in his voice that he was less than thrilled with it.  He insisted, however, that we visit the place I wanted.  When Date Day finally arrived, I spent the early part of the day at the mall with my friend, building up nerves and killing time before I met him at a coffee and tea shop downtown.

When the time came, I walked into the small shop and there he was, reading a Thomas Pynchon novel.  (To this day I can't look at a Pynchon novel without thinking of Atticus.)  I almost didn't recognize him without the heavy layers of jackets and hats he had worn when we met.  He bought me a coffee and one for himself, and we sat and chatted about ourselves a bit.  I made sure to embarrass myself completely by making a sarcastic, offhand remark that I spoke Spanglish.  I had taken Spanish throughout school, and often would, and still do, insert Spanish words into my speech.  After I made that comment, he cocked his head to the side a bit and said, "Well, I speak Spanish fluently."

He was from Central America.

I felt like an ASS for having said anything.  I thought I was being funny and witty but I was just putting my foot into my poor mouth.

We talked a little bit more - what I was studying, how old he was (a full decade older than I), and what he did.  Atticus was very touchy-feely on this date. I was not, and thought it weird to be so forward so fast, but I was certain that I was abnormal in some way and so I let him put his hand on my knee and then my thigh.  Next, he leaned in to kiss me.  I instinctively pulled away from him, as far as I could.  He said, "You're so naive" and then smiled.  I wanted to say, "What, I'm naive just because I don't want to kiss you?" but I didn't.  I didn't want to be rude.

After finishing our coffee, we walked around downtown and he pulled me aside at every alley way to plant a kiss on me, or makeout for a bit, or stare longingly into my eyes.  I went along with it - that's what normal girls do, right? - and at the end of the date I told him I'd go out with him again.

And so, I did.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things'll go your way/If you hold on for one more day

I just got back from an evening showing of the movie "Bridesmaids" and my best friend and I cried throughout.  It was a great movie, and it was certainly hilarious, but there were parts that were just struck a nerve and were incredibly relatable.  There were many tears and many hugs after the movie ended.

Probably helped that we snuck mini bottles of Pinot Grigio into the movie...but the movie helped me to realize that I'm in a great place and I have amazing friends who are there for me.


(but Wednesday-night-guy called to finalize plans for Friday and I didn't get a chance to talk to him because of the movie. Damn!!)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Death Becomes Folly

Zombie Folly was unproductive at work the next day
Holy frickity frack.  Follies.  FOLLIES.  I am tired.

Wednesday night was a huge work party.  When I say huge work party, I mean we filled up a bar with the press, various politicos and VIPs, and the GOVERNOR.  I'd intended to stay out until about 9 or so, then head home, get a full night of sleep, and go in to work the next day all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Guess what didn't happen.

In short, I stayed out at the bar until 12:30, caught a train, drove a drunk coworker home, and then crawled into bed at 2:00am.

2. am.

I then woke up at 6am to go to work on time.

WHA--?? *record scratch*

Yesterday, after I got home, I slept for 16 hours.  I feel so out of whack.  My sleep is off, my exercise is off, Trevor is off, everything is off.  All because I barely slept for 4 hours, and didn't even sleep well at that.

I wasn't drinking the whole night, which almost made it worse because I was sober and therefore painfully aware of the time all night, and since I didn't want to walk in the dark and the pouring rain alone to catch a train at about 9, I stuck around at the bar with my drunk coworkers.

This, my follies, may be the smartest thing I've ever done.

Early in the night, I'd noticed a very attractive guy near our table, staring and smiling at me.  As more people joined our party, I lost track of the cute guy.  At one point I made the mistake of telling my supervisor, who was a little tipsy, about him.  She then took it upon herself to find him, talk to him, and bring him to me.  So I watched her walk up to him, who happened to be talking to Coworker (remember her? The Bandleader coworker?) because they know each other outside of the office.  So my supervisor and Coworker conspire to bring this guy over to me.  Coworker introduced us, and next thing I know, I'm spending the next two hours talking to this guy.

He was awesome.  We even played Skee Ball at the bar together (I won, best out of three games).  We really hit it off, and of any of the guys I've met in the last week I felt the most connection with him.  At the end of the night, he got my number.

So, now I can add him to the list of guys, which includes the guy from Friday night, the set-up from Bookclubber, another set-up (with a lawyer) that I was just asked about on Tuesday, D - who suddenly wants to get together for dinner next week, and now this guy.

I'm going to need a spreadsheet to keep these guys straight!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My weekend in pictures. Sort of (just Friday night).

Follies, I'm not in college anymore.  I can't stay out until 3am every night dancing, drinking, and cavorting with friends.  I couldn't even handle that shit in college, but there's no denying I had far more tolerance for partying and drinking pretty often back then.

Things have changed.

I am beyond exhausted after this weekend.  Last night I nearly passed out at a barbecue with friends, and this morning I couldn't pull myself out of bed.  I'm sore, I'm tired, I'm mildly bitchy . . . but I certainly wouldn't have had my weekend any other way.  This weekend was amazing, but Friday night was the real party.  Immediately after work I caught the train and ran home, quickly changed clothes and purses, and headed back downtown.  I now present to you:

Friday: In Pictures

First a group of us - KB, her hubs, her friend, and myself - went to Rock Bottom Brewery and drank some brewskis.  I also went off-menu with my sandwich, which apparently amuses my mother (something about When Harry Met Sally, but I've never seen it so I missed the joke).  Sometimes you just crave a decent BLT.

Then we headed to see Whitney Cummings perform stand-up at the local comedy club.  On our way, we noticed a heavy police presence in the area.  We knew they were upping the police in this area as the warmer weather (and corresponding higher violence) approached, but something seemed off about the police crowds.  There were a LOT.

Then we realized: There was a protest downtown! A group of people were protesting recent issues within the police department, and while the cops were certainly letting them protest and march, they had their riot gear on and ready.  KB and I were inching closer and taking pictures.  I even recorded part of it.  Her hubs kept watching the cops in riot gear growing in number as the protesting marchers moved onto the pedestrian mall, and insisted that we head on our way and out of the mess (what a party pooper!)

 After the protest, we made our way to the comedy club where a few more friends met up with us.  Whitney was AMAZING, as usual.  At the end they had a drawing for a gift certificate...and I won!

Yay me!

The show got off to a late start, so we ended up leaving the club way later than usual for the late-night comedy show.  The friends who met us there left, and so the four of us decided to head out on the town afterward.  KB and her friend decided I wasn't drunk enough, so we went down to what I call The Meat Market of lower downtown.

We ended up at a deceptively-themed bar.  I ignored the throngs of people I could see through the windows and outside the bar and thought it was a sports bar type of place, in contrast to the flashier clubs around it.  I may have been wrong.  And when I say I may have been wrong, I mean we walked into a bar filled with mahogany wood, blasting music, slutty and drunk women, and bartenders who wouldn't look at me because I looked like this:
Instead of this:
Go figure.  The bartender looked incredibly pissed that I even watned a drink, and you should have SEEN the glare I got for daring to ask for a glass of water.  Psh.  See if you get my return patronage, buddy.  We met plenty of guys, I drank gin & sodas, and I just want to tell all the men out there: Unless you are making your  money off your genius guitar playing, you are NOT a musician.  I met plenty of those Friday night.  Turn off!!

KB's friend started dancing with a totally drunk guy, and I started talking with drunk guy's buddy.  About diagramming sentences.  Yes, this stuff:
 Totally nerds, I know.

Anyhoo, at the end of the night...He got my number.  And I got his.

Well wouldn't you know.  I met a guy at a bar.  Crazy, right?

I then got home at 3am and promptly passed out, which is what I will also be doing tonight - after The Killing is over, of course!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Could We Play Apples to Apples Instead?

A fun way to pass the time with friends or family is to play board games.  Even more fun is to turn them into drinking games.  But with or without alcohol, board games are fun ways to pass the time, learn more about each other, and have some fun.  I like board games (except Monopoly; that game is pure evil).  I especially like non-board board games, like Apples to Apples or Balderdash.  But there is one game I cannot stand.  One game that gives me unparalleled levels of anxiety to play.


Ever since high school, people have commented to me that since I'm such a wordsmith, and since I just love to read and write, I must absolutely love the game Scrabble and, so they tell me, I must be good at it.  Since then I cringe at the thought of playing Scrabble.

What if I can't come up with any words?

What if I can't come up with any good words?

What if the word I put on the board isn't even *gasp* a word??

I can't handle it, Follies.  The pressure is too much.  I stare and stare at the board, trying to come up with a word of epic proportions.  One that will garner me Double Word Scores or Triple Letter Scores.  One that shows the extent of my admittedly limited vocabulary.

This is what a normal Scrabble board looks like.

Come play with me, Folly. Forever and ever!
This is what a Scrabble board looks like to my eyes.


Last week, I played Scrabble for the first time in 8 years.

A few coworkers and I went to an event at a local espresso and wine bar, put on by the public library, to play some word games.  After acquiring glasses of pinot grigio, we joined a nice British lady in some Scrabble.

Nice British lady, as it turns out, is a Scrabble genius.  She had the electronic Scrabble dictionary, mental knowledge of most two-letter words, and a few Scrabble competitions under her belt.

I downed that first glass of wine like it was water.

We played, I asked questions, my boss joked around.  We ordered a second round of wine. We began a second game.  I had to go first. At this point I don't know if it was the wine (and lack of food) or if I was finally getting comfortable with it, but I felt okay.  I had a great word to start: ANISE.

Without detailing the game tile-by-tile, I'll skip ahead to the end and let you know that I ended up with 6 tiles leftover: B N N V C and L.

No vowels.

No open vowels on the board that, as far as I could tell, worked with my letters.


Nice British lady kept asking if I had an X. "Xi is a word. So is..." and she started listing off two-letter words, none of which utilized the poor selection of letters I had sitting in front of me.

I came in last place in both games.  Dead last.  It's not the points that matter but you know what? It is. I can't stand to come in last. And that's what I did.  In a word game, as someone who has studied words for my entire, albeit short, life, I came in last.  This, Follies, is why I don't play Scrabble.

Shut up, Vowel!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Out to strike while the iron is hot!

I just wrote an incredibly heartfelt post about my mood swings, my mental state, and my having a quarter-life crisis.

Then read through it, teared up at the emotion behind my words, and realized there was no way I could post this.  Not yet, anyway.  It made me sound far more depressed and sad than I'm currently feeling.

I look cute, I'm in a chipper-for-my-current-state-of-mind mood, and feel like now is the time to get out among people while I have the energy!  Plus I'm still feeling all lovey-dovey after today's wonderful, uplifting, and GORGEOUS nuptials, so instead of catching up on others' and my own blogs, I'll instead be out grocery shopping whilst overdressed in the hopes of getting my flirt on, or at least keeping my chipper mood alive for as long as possible.  Might as well strike while the iron is hot, amiright?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Folly's in a Fünke

Michal Marcol/
It's time to get personal.  I said I was looking to go this route, I received some wonderful feedback about it (thanks!), so get ready, follies, because here goes.

I'm in a Fünke.  I get down and blue every so often - it's sort of a regular thing with me - so being in a Fünke itself isn't so bad or abnormal.  This particular Fünke seems to be lasting a bit longer, however, and that's starting to bother me.  I'm usually able to hide my Fünkes while at work or out with the family, but lately I haven't been able to do that.  Little things are really starting to get to me.  Usually I can deal with a fair amount of negativity around me, either by ignoring it or occasionally taking part (misery loves company), but lately I just want to yell "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" at everyone.  And naturally I was angry at having to wake up for work this morning.  Sure, I'm upset every Monday morning when I realize the sun's not yet up and I have to go to work, but it's taking me longer and longer to even want to wake up in the morning.

I basically feel like I just can't get happy.  I was looking at jobs and salaries last night, and realized that someone in my position in the private sector, with my experience and whatnot, is averaging TWICE the yearly salary I make.  Do you know how depressing that is, to know that someone out there is doing the same thing you're doing and making twice what you make while your take-home pay is being cut each year because of the recession? I didn't think I wanted to continue this type of job as part of my 5 year plan, but hell - they have career movement! And real salaries that can pay the bills!  Suddenly it's an option.

I find myself dreaming of adult things - a new car, being a homeowner sooner rather than later, how in the world I'm going to pay my car insurance come August, when I'll be able to afford a dog, what sort of job/career I want...These are things I want and need to start budgeting for, but it's very difficult to do right now.

It's been rainy and cloudy here, which isn't helping the fünke at all.  I'm so tired of wearing sweaters!!  I just want some sunny and warm weather that lasts longer than a day.  I finally worked on my college scrapbook last night to perk up my mood, which was very nice and therapeutic, but pulling out all that stuff always make me realize how little room I really have in my apartment.

Then, because I must add in something terribly frivolous to the list of fünke-causers, I won't be able to stay up all night and watch the Royal Wedding.  Because I have to work the next day.  And this depresses me because I got myself all excited to stay up late and throw a party and watch it without realizing I had totally miscalculated the time difference (for some reason I thought it would take place at 2am on SATURDAY my time, not 2am on FRIDAY my time. Oops.)  And even if I did stay up (I haven't been sleeping very well, so I might end up watching the wedding) I won't be able to pop open my sparkling rosé wine to toast the happy couple, again because of that little thing called work.

Okay, jesting aside I don't REALLY care that I can't watch the wedding as it airs, and there will be plenty of reruns throughout the next six months, I'm sure.  But at least being able to watch it with some rosé bubbly and hors d'oeuvre would have been fun and perked my mood up a bit!

I'm just feeling so negative about everything in life right now - relationships, job-hunting, my future.  I find myself crying at the drop of a hat about everything.

On top of all this negative energy I'm heaping upon myself, I'm utterly determined to finally start taking charge, suck it up, and deal with Trevor, which means:

No onions, leeks, garlic, chives, or anything else in the Allium family
No fake, processed, artificial meals
No refined sugars
No potatoes
No fried foods
No popcorn
Limited artificial sweetener
Limited alcohol
Limited bread products
Limited milk products
Limited caffeine
Limited berries

My first thought after reading through this list was, "Well, this diet is going to make future dates a lot of fun".  It basically means I'll be eating a lot more fruits and veggies - which I, thankfully, already eat quite a bit of, but this also means I must go grocery shopping more often than I do now, which is already difficult since I only get paid once a month. It also means I basically have to cook everything I eat myself.  I love to cook, but once I factor in my commute, my workouts, and any sort of social cooking time is often limited to quick meals or just the weekends.  Now I have all these restrictions and I am at a loss in the kitchen.  I'm not sure if you knew this about me, but I basically live on potatoes and potato products. And wine. But we all knew that :)  I just can't help feeling that this is all a little...well,

It's depressing.  I think that's the point I'm getting at with all these complaints, gripes, and petty grievances.  It's depressing, and I'm not sure how to lift myself up from it all.  I wish I could get all perky, and look at all these things with a positive outlook and say, "Hey! Just think of how much better Trevor will feel!"  or "One day I'll totally own my own house!" But that just isn't helping me right now (and I wouldn't be surprised if this sudden dietary shift is partially at fault for the sourpuss moods as of late).

If I can attempt to look on the positive side for just a moment, and because I'd like to end this blog on some semblance of positivity, I fully expect to have tons more energy after a week or so on my new diet!!

And my skin will probably be amazing.

Salvatore Vuono/www,
But still - the point of this post remains:  Folly's in a fünke, and she doesn't know how to get out.