Sunday, May 8, 2011

My weekend in pictures. Sort of (just Friday night).

Follies, I'm not in college anymore.  I can't stay out until 3am every night dancing, drinking, and cavorting with friends.  I couldn't even handle that shit in college, but there's no denying I had far more tolerance for partying and drinking pretty often back then.

Things have changed.

I am beyond exhausted after this weekend.  Last night I nearly passed out at a barbecue with friends, and this morning I couldn't pull myself out of bed.  I'm sore, I'm tired, I'm mildly bitchy . . . but I certainly wouldn't have had my weekend any other way.  This weekend was amazing, but Friday night was the real party.  Immediately after work I caught the train and ran home, quickly changed clothes and purses, and headed back downtown.  I now present to you:

Friday: In Pictures

First a group of us - KB, her hubs, her friend, and myself - went to Rock Bottom Brewery and drank some brewskis.  I also went off-menu with my sandwich, which apparently amuses my mother (something about When Harry Met Sally, but I've never seen it so I missed the joke).  Sometimes you just crave a decent BLT.

Then we headed to see Whitney Cummings perform stand-up at the local comedy club.  On our way, we noticed a heavy police presence in the area.  We knew they were upping the police in this area as the warmer weather (and corresponding higher violence) approached, but something seemed off about the police crowds.  There were a LOT.

Then we realized: There was a protest downtown! A group of people were protesting recent issues within the police department, and while the cops were certainly letting them protest and march, they had their riot gear on and ready.  KB and I were inching closer and taking pictures.  I even recorded part of it.  Her hubs kept watching the cops in riot gear growing in number as the protesting marchers moved onto the pedestrian mall, and insisted that we head on our way and out of the mess (what a party pooper!)

 After the protest, we made our way to the comedy club where a few more friends met up with us.  Whitney was AMAZING, as usual.  At the end they had a drawing for a gift certificate...and I won!

Yay me!

The show got off to a late start, so we ended up leaving the club way later than usual for the late-night comedy show.  The friends who met us there left, and so the four of us decided to head out on the town afterward.  KB and her friend decided I wasn't drunk enough, so we went down to what I call The Meat Market of lower downtown.

We ended up at a deceptively-themed bar.  I ignored the throngs of people I could see through the windows and outside the bar and thought it was a sports bar type of place, in contrast to the flashier clubs around it.  I may have been wrong.  And when I say I may have been wrong, I mean we walked into a bar filled with mahogany wood, blasting music, slutty and drunk women, and bartenders who wouldn't look at me because I looked like this:
Instead of this:
Go figure.  The bartender looked incredibly pissed that I even watned a drink, and you should have SEEN the glare I got for daring to ask for a glass of water.  Psh.  See if you get my return patronage, buddy.  We met plenty of guys, I drank gin & sodas, and I just want to tell all the men out there: Unless you are making your  money off your genius guitar playing, you are NOT a musician.  I met plenty of those Friday night.  Turn off!!

KB's friend started dancing with a totally drunk guy, and I started talking with drunk guy's buddy.  About diagramming sentences.  Yes, this stuff:
 Totally nerds, I know.

Anyhoo, at the end of the night...He got my number.  And I got his.

Well wouldn't you know.  I met a guy at a bar.  Crazy, right?

I then got home at 3am and promptly passed out, which is what I will also be doing tonight - after The Killing is over, of course!


singlegirlie said...

Well done! Enjoyed the pictorial.

Josie said...

Cool! You MUST watch "when Harry met Sally" next time you're home sick or something. . .