Friday, May 13, 2011

Death Becomes Folly

Zombie Folly was unproductive at work the next day
Holy frickity frack.  Follies.  FOLLIES.  I am tired.

Wednesday night was a huge work party.  When I say huge work party, I mean we filled up a bar with the press, various politicos and VIPs, and the GOVERNOR.  I'd intended to stay out until about 9 or so, then head home, get a full night of sleep, and go in to work the next day all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Guess what didn't happen.

In short, I stayed out at the bar until 12:30, caught a train, drove a drunk coworker home, and then crawled into bed at 2:00am.

2. am.

I then woke up at 6am to go to work on time.

WHA--?? *record scratch*

Yesterday, after I got home, I slept for 16 hours.  I feel so out of whack.  My sleep is off, my exercise is off, Trevor is off, everything is off.  All because I barely slept for 4 hours, and didn't even sleep well at that.

I wasn't drinking the whole night, which almost made it worse because I was sober and therefore painfully aware of the time all night, and since I didn't want to walk in the dark and the pouring rain alone to catch a train at about 9, I stuck around at the bar with my drunk coworkers.

This, my follies, may be the smartest thing I've ever done.

Early in the night, I'd noticed a very attractive guy near our table, staring and smiling at me.  As more people joined our party, I lost track of the cute guy.  At one point I made the mistake of telling my supervisor, who was a little tipsy, about him.  She then took it upon herself to find him, talk to him, and bring him to me.  So I watched her walk up to him, who happened to be talking to Coworker (remember her? The Bandleader coworker?) because they know each other outside of the office.  So my supervisor and Coworker conspire to bring this guy over to me.  Coworker introduced us, and next thing I know, I'm spending the next two hours talking to this guy.

He was awesome.  We even played Skee Ball at the bar together (I won, best out of three games).  We really hit it off, and of any of the guys I've met in the last week I felt the most connection with him.  At the end of the night, he got my number.

So, now I can add him to the list of guys, which includes the guy from Friday night, the set-up from Bookclubber, another set-up (with a lawyer) that I was just asked about on Tuesday, D - who suddenly wants to get together for dinner next week, and now this guy.

I'm going to need a spreadsheet to keep these guys straight!!

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