Blast from the Past

What is "Blast from the Past"?
I don't always have great blog ideas, or a super active dating life, or anything of interest going on.  And I hate to leave my blog for days and days and weeks at a time.  I've decided to reach into the recesses of my brain and bring out the most interesting dates and men from my past...a blast from my past, if you will.

Ummm...some of these posts aren't interesting.  What the hell, Folly?
Well, okay, cut me some slack.  In order for some of the stories to make sense, you have to know the background - who these men are, how we met, etc.  So before you get the juicy stories with each guy, I post a "How I Met..." post introducing these guys to you, my follies.

So, what, are you totally outing these men on your blog? That's not cool. 
DUH, no, I'm not.  Okay, I sort of am.  But obviously these aren't their real names.  Like other posts relating to my current dating follies, these guys get nicknames too.

Okay, so what's this list of names below?
Links to different "Blast from the Past" posts, ordered by the different guys. Now, STOP ASKING QUESTIONS and just read the posts why don't you!

How I met . . . Atticus 
The First Date

How I met . . . Pescado