Thursday, June 30, 2011

Love is an Angel Disguised as Lust -- (Aymes Repplier)

Well hiddy ho there fellow Follies.  Hope you enjoyed that little story about the Lawyer.  Pretty good story, amirite? I've followed up with the girl who set us up, and she thanked me and was impressed with me being so honest with my feelings (I may have left out a detail or two).  She's also promised to let me know of other eligible bachelors she meets.  So.  We'll see.  I haven't told her I'm dating someone else since WNG and I haven't exactly had a talk yet about exclusivity.  Speaking of WNG...

Things are going well.  SUPER well.  I'm trying not to get too wrapped up in him, you know, avoid the whole "Halo Effect" thing, but he's just such a great guy, so it's becoming very difficult to keep my wits about me.

Young love, I s'pose.

We've been dating just under two months, and while we've discussed certain things like religion and families (religion, Follies, this is huge for me!), we've not discussed whether or not we're seeing other people, in a relationship, etc.  This is the part of dating I hate - that whole in-between part where you're not just getting to know someone but you aren't in a relationship just yet.  Okay, to be fair, I hate dating in general.  I like first dates....and being in a relationship.  That whole in between part? No, thank you.

He's been super busy with work lately, but he's still making an effort to see me, which tells me things are still well and good with us (I get super anxious with the little things HAVE to count).

I've also been giving more thought to the future of Folly of One and I've decided...what if I started a Tumblr? Same name (Folly of One, assuming it's available), I could keep the Twitter account, I could post smaller posts - maybe funnier posts (assuming you think I'm funny...humor me and say I am), or more pictures, or both, and it could be something I could keep private if I wanted or share if I wanted.  Most importantly, it could be something I could start without having the dating background to it.

That's ultimately the issue with this blog - moving forward and away from the heavy dating background.  That's not something I necessarily want to delete, as I feel I'd have to do with this blog to keep it around (and with the comics and the history, it's like deleting a child!), but something I feel like has served it's purpose.  I no longer need the blog to share my feelings and get over D, but I am interested in sharing my funny, innermost thoughts online (sort of).

So, what say the Follies? If I moved to a Tumblr would you still follow me? Is it a smart idea? I like the idea so far, but I don't want to rush into anything -- I have a habit of doing that online, and I want to really think smartly about this.

(Of course, if I made the move I'd update you all on the new site.  You've been great Follies and I don't want to lose you!!)

And because I hate posting a blog post without a picture or graphic of some kind, I give you:

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Josie said...

Sounds like a good alternative. Although I don't know why your blog can't just evolve with you. I understand not being able to abandon it completely though. I did want to do that but couldn't bring myself to follow through, so I"m still Speaking Up! Keep us updated. Great to hear all going well still! Yay!
Josie x