Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Smile Can Change an Afternoon

Spring has sprung!
On my daily afternoon walk today, I encountered a higher number of fellow humans than usual.  It wasn't all that warm outside, but the intense sunlight probably called people out of their homes and flats and offices to get some Vitamin D in anticipation of Summer.  As is my belief, I tried to smile at each person who made eye contact with me.

And dear follies, I discovered the one reason you should smile at another person as you pass them on the sidewalk: You'll totally make their day.

Don't believe me?

I smiled at a rather good-looking young chap as we passed, and he could barely contain his smile.  You know that smile you get when someone you like calls you, or compliments you, or smiles at you? Or, maybe it's not someone you like but someone who is good-looking, or famous, or just all around nice? That impulsive, automatic tick that turns the corners of your mouth upward and causes you to blush and cast down your eyes because you can't help but react to such a gesture?

Yeah, he smiled that smile.  Which then made me smile that smile.

And I'm pretty sure our smiles, along with the Vitamin D, increased our dopamine levels and made for a great afternoon.

So, smile at a stranger.  You could make their afternoon brighter :)


Josie said...

Ok, I'll try it. I need to smile more anyway. . .you only have to do it if they make eye contact, right?
Josie x

Folly of One said...

Haha, right. If they don't make eye contact, I don't feel obligated to smile at them.