Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Seven o'clock and I Wanna Rock!

I was ready.   I had my outfit set.  I had my makeup perfected.  My hair was straightened.

I was READY. 

If I were willing to show you my face, you'd see my AWESOME makeup.  But I'm not, so you'll just have to believe me.

I drove down there.

I parked.

I walked a block to the venue.

I had my ID ready, half-priced ticket in hand.

I entered.

I ordered a drink at the bar.

I was READY!

Because it's impossible for me to be late anywhere, I was there in time to catch the very first opening band.  They were okay.  I enjoyed my drink and surveyed the crowd to see if I knew anyone.  No one yet, but I was early.  I had time.

After the first band, as they were switching to the second, I saw the Guitarist pass by, and he seemed excited to see me, and he pulled me aside to stand with his wife, Coworker, and other friends and band mates.

Here's where the nerves started to set in.

After a while The Bandleader came by.  I smiled and waved at him, and he came over.  I saw his eyes light up when he saw me and he gave me a big hug and told me how great it was to see me. 

Things were boding well for the evening.

Of course, the band was running around close to the show so I hung out with Coworker and her Friends, one of whom was a Brit.  Brit's Wife and I got stuck in a conversation her Brit had with another Brit we met last night.  They discussed where in England they each were from, and their thoughts on Scotland and Bath and she and I were a little lost. 

Okay, maybe his wife didn't feel as lost as I did, but I had no idea what they were talking about.  I mean sure, I've been to Bath, and I LOVE me some Scotland, but once they got into which town is more upper-class and lower-class I really got lost.  But the new Brit who walked up (the unmarried one) reminded me of the lead guy in the movie "Across the Universe", both for looks and his explanation of why he's in the U.S., so that was fun.  I just imagined him jumping on stage with the band and singing Beatles tunes.

Aaaaaaand finally the band was on!! We made our way to the front and danced to the tunes.  The Bandleader had made a comment about how he feels he's not giving a good show if even one person isn't smiling, so I made sure to smile and dance. 

Then these two girls came, late in the show, one of whom sang with the band during their last show (and, on the first night I met The Bandleader, she gave me a dirty look for flirting with him, so I don't think she likes me). 

They were maybe a little drunk and dancing like crazy, and they kept stepping backward into me.  And then – She Stepped On Me.  With her high-heeled boot.  OUCH!

I really need to do something about those toenails...
Coworker's sister laughed, and she grabbed my shoulders and moved me away from the crazy boot lady.  We all had a good laugh after the show – both at the crazy dancing AND how jealous the crazy boot lady was that she didn't get to the sing with the band this time (and oh follies, she was jealous).

As we were hanging out, The Bandleader walked over and I made sure to give him a big smile and two thumbs up for the show.  He walked over closer and we started talking.  At one point he leaned in his face within an inch of my face, and my heart skipped a beat.  I leaned toward him as well.  It was wonderful.  He talked to Brit and Brit's Wife, and the entire time he spoke to them his body remained toward me.  Even his feet pointed toward me the whole time, which I've been assured and reassured is a sure-fire sign that he's into me.

Until the new lady-singer in the band walked up, and then his body language was all toward her. 

Now, just to tell you all what's going on at this point, people are leaving the club.  It's past midnight, people are leaving, and I came alone so I could get my flirt on, and now he and everyone else are nowhere to be found (well, I could have found The Bandleader.  I knew where he was.  He was out back, carrying band stuff to the car, with the lady-singer, so I wasn't exactly going to search him out.)  Even if I had good vibes up to this point, I'm not sure how to feel.  I'm alone, I can't find Coworker, the Brit and his wife have left, and I don't know what to do with myself.  I'm borderline annoyed, because while I'd love to stay and flirt and hang out, I'm feeling mildly disrespected since everyone has just walked away from me.  I don't know where they are.  I look around, and I finally see a few people I know toward the front, on the front patio to the venue, so I walk over there.

I didn't have any intention of leaving just yet, since I found the group of friends, but mostly I wasn't going to leave yet because I at least wanted to say goodbye to The Bandleader.  It seemed like the right thing to do.  Everyone is hugging and saying goodbye, and I think everyone assumed I was leaving too since I walked to the patio.  I stalled them from saying goodbye to me long enough to see The Bandleader walking up from his car to the patio.  I looked at him, and he looked at me.  There were smiles.  Coworker and her hubs said goodbye to me and gave me hugs, and then The Bandleader and I were all alone on the patio.

Him: "You're out?"
Me: "I'm out!"
Him: "Hmmm, you're out of...........out of...................I got nothing."
Me: "What? You, nothing? But here I am expecting you say something witty!" (something like this, I was trying to tease and flirt)
Him: "I can only think of negatives.....Ah! Got it. You're...OUT OF THIS WORLD!"
Me: laughs and smiles
Him: "You are!" he gave me a big hug "Thanks so much for coming tonight! I'll see you later!"  And he walked away into the venue.

FOLLIES.  Do you see what is missing in that convo? He did not ask for my number.  He did not even invite me to a future show.  What The Fuck?  I read his body language.  I flirted.  I leaned toward him when he leaned toward me.  And this is it? THIS is how it fucking ends?

So. That’s that.  The crush has been crushed.  I'll attend future shows because shows are fun and the band is great, and aw heck, I'll flirt with him in the future, but it's clear to me that this isn't going anywhere.

Angry Don King Folly is BACK!
My brother says that when things go well and he has no end-game, then it's possible that I'm doing something wrong.  That I'm giving off a negative vibe to him.  Well - I don't think so.  I think I gave off enough positive vibes throughout and toward the end that this isn't on me.

GRRR. I need Wine!!!

Wine has been acquired.  Commence lazy afternoon doing nothing. 


Josie said...

Oh crap! Damn him! If he's not gonna follow through then it's no fair with the flirting. Grrr. I thought of you all yesterday wondering. . .
I had a similar experience with a guy at dancing. He always danced with me, always did more than the standard 2 dances, commented on my eye colour, walked me to my car, blah, blah, blah. Finally I could bear it no more so I asked him out.
He was still hung up on his ex. Crapola. We did go out "as friends" and even then, at the end of the night when he got home he text me to say what a good time he had!
Don't listen to your brother. Maybe it's not you doing something wrong, maybe it's him! Maybe he doesn't "get" the social niceties of flirting. Dumb ass bloke.
Hang in there.
Josie x

Folly of One said...

Thanks Josie. I just don't understand the point of flirting to that degree if there's no follow-through! It's so aggravating.