Sunday, March 6, 2011

Colin Firth....*rawr*

As promised during my drunken Twittering of the Academy Awards (and again, I'm sorry, I shouldn't mix my Twittering and my drinking), here's my celeb crush of Mr. Darcy-- I mean, King George VI-- I MEAN Colin.  Firth.  Colin Firth.  Right right.

Enjoy :)






Credit to for the photos!


Josie said...

I write some of my best posts when drunk, so twittering drunk is naturally acceptable. . . btw I have just downed two glasses of champagne (bought to commemerate the wedding anniversary). Yay, for Colin. BUT do you watch the new Hawaii 5-0?
I'm totally in lust with Alex O'Loughlin. . . I'm just in lust and far too old to be in lust with anyone. . . .
Josie x

Folly of One said...

I don't watch the new Hawaii 5-0, but if there's a hot man on it maybe I should look into it... ;)