Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Hours can be productive. Sometimes.

I went to a happy hour tonight with some coworkers (though "happy hour" is a misnomer since the bar did not actually have any happy hour specials) and the subject of The Bandleader came up.

First, The Coworker brought some male friends with her, and my Supervisor came up behind me, tapped me on the shoulder, and said, "OH MY GOSH is The Bandleader here??" Naturally, I spun around and was mildly disappointed when The Bandleader was, in fact, not there.


But later, as the night wore on, I spoke to a direct coworker of The Coworker and we started talking about The Bandleader.  Specifically, what I thought of The Bandleader and what he had told The Coworker about me.

Remember this? Yeah, me too. Well, I discussed this with the direct coworker, and I was joking about how slowly things were moving, and how it seemed like The Coworker wasn't going to tell me how The Bandleader felt about our non-date.  I mentioned this, and the direct coworker said,

"Oh my gosh, that's so funny, because The Coworker was totally conflicted about telling you! Apparently The Bandleader was all "tell Folly I had a ball with her if she asks" and so she didn't know whether or not to tell you before you asked her about it!!"

Well, follies, well.  It appears that a) It's a damn good thing I brought up The Bandleader with The Coworker because otherwise I would not have known that The Bandleader "had a ball" with me and b) DUDE, the loyalty here lies with THE GIRL and not THE GUY when you are setting them up *sigh*

Love her, she's sweet, but I swear The Coworker does not know how to set anyone up.  I mean, it's comical.  I laugh about it.  My life is a sitcom, and I'm starting to just embrace that little quirk.

BUT, the direct coworker did reassure me that despite what The Coworker told me the first night of the set up, her intention is in fact getting me and The Bandleader together as a COUPLE, and not just "as friends or whatever might happen" (as she told me that first night).

So, anyhoo, tonight was great, I got some more details on The Bandleader and such (which helps with the whole things-are-crawling feeling I'm getting) , and I'm overall in a great mood.  For that I must also credit the lack of caffeine, which is also helping with my sleep issues.

But I do miss my extra strong, dark roast coffee in the mornings *tear*

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