Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Non-date with The Bandleader *swoon*

Oh, Follies, I had a wonderful Friday night with The Bandleader.  I really can't remember when I had so much fun with a guy.  I mean no disrespect to my relationship with D, but it's just so different when you've just met someone and you're getting to know that person and you have an amazing night.  There was dancing and drinking and hugging, and it was just a great night all around.  I mean, it had to be a great night when I'm still in a good mood about in on a Monday morning when half the country doesn't have to go to work and I do.

The night started out fine enough.  I got in to the show with my half-priced ticket and immediately found my coworker.  We grabbed drinks, we sat down, and listened to the preceding band.  The Bandleader walked up and seemed surprised and happy to see me there - always a plus when you see a guy's face light up when he looks at you.  We didn't talk much before the show since he was getting ready with the band, but that's to be expected.

Once the show started, our group made our way to the dance floor.  The band was great! I was so happy I liked the band, because I'd hate to have to lie to The Bandleader and be all like, "Your band is sooooo great" when I really think it sucks. But. It was great.

I'd post pics of the show, except for the whole, you know, "anonymous blog" thing.

After the show he came over to the table, and we drank beers and hung out.  The band was making a YouTube video, so they were filming random band shenanigans.  When the camera was put on The Bandleader, he pulled the old middle school trick of pretending to make out with someone by putting his arms around himself, back to the camera.  He turned around, acted as if he'd been caught in the act, then out of nowhere grabbed me and dipped me, off the bar stool, and pretended to make out with me.

(When I told my parents that part of the story, my father said under his breath, "Well, that's one way to be cute about it.")

Later, while The Bandleader was speaking to other friends who had came to the show, our entire group (read: everyone I had just met and knew before the show) decided to suddenly get up and leave.  Mass exodus style.  Talk about being a little awkward.

The tunic was new. I love new clothes.
The Bandleader came over and asked, "Where'd everyone go?"  According to a few of my friends, this indicates that the Mass Exodus was PLANNED.  I'm a little dense and didn't pick up on that until after my friends pointed it out, but whatever.  That's me for you.

We attempted our get-to-know-yous while the last band played, but I don't know if you've ever been to a concert before - it's LOUD.  I couldn't hear a damn thing he was saying half the time! But I heard him ask, "do you want to dance?"

I said yes;  he seemed surprised.  And we danced.  We were the only ones on the dance floor and we danced danced danced.  It was great.  It was fun.  I love dancing.  People applauded.  And cheered. Okay granted, they were The Bandleader's friends.  But still.

At the end of the night he drove me to my car so I didn't have to walk the few blocks from the venue.

This does not properly illustrate how much taller he is than I am.
FOLLIES.  He did not ask for my number again. AGAIN. I mean, the first time, at that first show, sure. I can forgive that. We'd just met. We'd been set up. We didn't have much time. This time? We had time alone. We'd been left alone most likely on purpose. And still? No asking of my number.

I should point out here that one of my other coworkers came to the show and brought his roommate, who hit on me the whole beginning of the night and ALSO didn't ask for my number.  I mean sure, I wasn't set him with The Roommate, and maybe he doesn't matter, but STILL. That makes two guys IN ONE NIGHT who didn't ask for my number.


He gave me another half-priced ticket to their next show and asked me multiple times to come out to it (and I will), but I would love to get to know him outside of band shows.

But ultimately I had an amazing night. Mmmm. Dancing, cute guys, fun times . . . can next weekend be just as great?? I don't want to wait another month :)


Claire said...

I'm glad that it went well! Asking for the number can be a little awkward sometimes, at least he made plans to see you again! Are you FB friends? Maybe he plans on contacting you that way?

Folly of One said...

Alas, we are not FB friends. I don't think he's even on FB, which is fine but makes things a little more awkward and/or prolonged. I suspect he'll probably continue to go through the Coworker. On the one hand, I'm totally fine with things moving slow and going to shows, but on the other hand I'd like to move things along thankyouverymuch!