Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Super Bowl of a realization

Yesterday, while running errands and finishing prep-work for my "Big Game" party today, I had to make a very important trip.

I went over to D's.

He still had a few of my things that I had completely forgotten about, and I wanted to go ahead and pick those up while I was thinking of them.  So this week I called, we set up a time for me to come over, and I went over there. And he's such a sweet guy. Genuinely nice, and maybe one day we can actually be friends instead of just being friendly when we see each other. But something happened while I was there. I looked into his eyes while we were talking, and I realized:

I no longer have feelings for him.  I couldn't see myself going back to him, I couldn't see us together, and I just kept thinking about all the guys I've met in the last two weeks. I realized, at this point, that the breakup really was for the best.  Really felt like it was the right decision instead of just telling myself that.

I think this is a huge step. I'm so beyond happy to have finally reached this point that, way back at the beginning of the breakup, I felt would never really happen.

So bring on the dates...and the FOOTBALL!

I'd love to see the Packers win, but if I were a betting woman (and I'm not) my money would be on the Steelers by 10 points.

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Claire said...

Yay, that is really awesome news! It must have been a really great feeling.