Monday, January 31, 2011

I can haz flirting?

I'm going to start off this post with a little background about me: I can't flirt.  I'm much more "Little-miss-nice-and-polite-with-smiles-and-the-occasional-arm-touch" than I am "Get-my-flirt-on-WORD-UP-Y'ALL".  In addition to this, I generally have a hard time reading into whether or not a guy is, in turn, flirting with me.

Now, more than two months after breaking up with D, I'm finally reaching the "Acceptance" phase of the breakup, and in the last week alone I've met two young men. This = me feeling AWESOME.

But there's a problem.


I'm having a really hard time remembering how to flirt, what to say, what to do. And I'm having an even harder time figuring out if a guy is Flirting-Flirting with me or just Politely-Flirting with me.

What a hard life I lead, right?

Anyhoo, with the first young gentleman I'm rather positive that he was Flirting-Flirting with me. Mr. Policy, as we'll call him, was incredibly talkative and even tripped down the stairs while talking to me.  I teased him about missing the step, and he seemed to take that well (a good sign that he has a sense of humor, yes?).  Only issue with Mr. Policy is that he works in the same building I do, which at my office is basically akin to dating a coworker.

Then Saturday night I met The Bandleader.  The Bandleader is incredibly tall (I was wearing flats and was literally craning my neck to speak with him) and cute.  He is a teacher, and I was introduced to him by a coworker after his band played at a nearby dive bar.  My coworkers and I missed the show since we were coming from a previous event. Basically the night was him running around doing band stuff, the coworker trying to bring him over to me, and then us talking at the very end of the night. We made eye contact a lot, he randomly tapped me on the arm with his water bottle, and there was much smiling.

I haven't had a chance to speak to the coworker since then, but I'm having a really hard time reading into it. On the one hand, he made physical contact (albeit with a water bottle) and eye contact, which are both good signs. On the other hand, maybe he was just being polite since his buddy's wife wanted to introduce us?

Neither guy asked for my number, by the way.

I feel like part of the problem is coming out of a LTR and having to figure out my way around men again. I mean, last year I was just coming out of a self-imposed dating hiatus and really taking notice of the men around me and their actions. But for nearly all of 2010 I was involved in a serious relationship with D.  Flirting with others became something that was flattering, but not something I paid much mind.

Now I feel all, "uhhhhhh doi, was that a Flirt?"

Anyone else felt that way after a breakup? I'm sure it'll come back to me, but I'm feeling rather disoriented about it all at the moment.

At any rate, I'm positively pleased that this week has given me not one but two encounters with cute men flirting in some way, shape, or form with me. Sometimes that's all it takes to really accelerate the Acceptance of a breakup!

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Claire said...

I know it's difficult to get back into the swing of things, but remember: you're young, you're hot and you're funny! You have all the necessary elements, so get out there and flirt away :)