Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just an update, nothing too thrilling (but read it anyway)

I'm currently working on a few things to post, namely a few posts for a feature that's called "Blast From The Past".  It'll be a series of hilarious past dates and follies.  But while those are in the works, let me give you a few updates via a bulleted list:

  • Mouse issue still not over.  Found new mouse poops Friday evening when I scrubbed clean my desk before the weekend.  My supervisor is upset that I have to clean the mouse poops myself.  My boss keeps mentioning Hantavirus. I just want this bad dream to end (I'm even dreaming about mice now, away from work. WTF?)
  • Haven't seen D lately, and stopped taking the bus to avoid his friends.  I now get home a few minutes later and take the train instead.  I wouldn't mind running into D, but it's more awkward with his friends.
  • Going out tonight with the girlies, so that should be fun.  I'm trying to flirt with cute boys I see, just to have a good time and to ensure I've still got "it".  I'm excited to get back out there, but still anxious since I know any dates would be rebounds.  I know I need to let emotions and what-not run their course, but I don't like being patient.
  • Was feeling "meh" this morning, then felt better as I ran errands with my parents and spent too much (but a needed amount) of money. THEN my mom and I saw a Valentine's Day aisle, and I said I wasn't ready to look at that, and she said, "Oh, you're coming up on the one year anniversary aren't you?" CUE THE TEARS. (January 31st, my friends. I even procured a gift card ahead of time to a fancy-shmancy restaurant for the occasion I now won't be celebrating. FML.)
So that's a quick and not-so-dirty update.  Everyone have a good weekend, and since we're expected to get buried in a huge snow-storm this weekend, perhaps my first Blast From The Past post will be updated sooner rather than later! (But don't count on that. Seriously, don't. Do you know how many bottles of wine I have at home?)


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