Monday, January 3, 2011

Things That Are Awkward

Those things around my eyes? Glasses. You wouldn't know it from previous illustrations.
I sort of forgot to draw them on. Oops.

That would be the same friend from this post.  I ran into him again.  But I didn't want to sit next to him.  I was really into my new music, and I didn't want to take out my earbuds just to chat with someone.  Unless it had been D.  Then I'd have sat next to him and totally made up stories about how awesomely awesome my New Year's Eve was. 

BUT.  I think I should have sat next to D's friend.  I didn't.  I flashed him my pretty pearly whites and then sat somewhere else and rocked out to Mumford & Sons.

Was that bitchy of me? I didn't mean to be bitchy.  He waved and smiled like he expected me to sit next to him.

OH GAWD now I'm unintentionally being a bitch to D's friends.

*Bangs head against wall*

Maybe it won't get back to D.

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