Thursday, December 16, 2010

Classy Lady or Mean Devil?

Ran into one of D's friends today, on the bus.  It could have been awkward, but he's a nice guy, so it was pleasant.  He tried to fish for information at one point, but I did not indulge him.  I'm attempting to take Kate Middleton as my muse and act like a nice, classy lady about the breakup and not talk about D and the split to other people.  (Also, her style).  People who need to know what happened already know.  Since the friend didn't sound like he knew much of anything, someone in D's camp isn't talking much either, so that's nice.  Makes me feel like he felt the breakup was amicable as well.

I thought of that the other day - here I am telling people how amicable and civil the breakup was, and for all I know D thinks I'm the devil and that the breakup was horrible and nasty.

It wasn't.  But you never know how others feel about these things.

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