Friday, January 28, 2011

Craigslist Dating

It's a Friday night.  I'm at home, bored, enjoying a glass of wine, telling myself it's lame to go to bed before 9pm on a weekend night.  So to keep myself awake, I decided to peruse Craigslist singles ads.

Before we get all freaked out, I have no plans to reach out to a stranger online in this manner.  I've heard stories.  I've read articles.  I have given a passing thought (but no more) to the Lifetime channel movie.  I don't plan to meet someone off Craigslist.

But it's really amazing and amusing to see what people post on their ads.  "No chubby chicks", "im not shallow but i dont want fat chiks sorry thats not how i roll".  Then you see their pictures, and they're...well, they're not tiny men.  I wonder what's going through the minds of these guys when they say these things. Are they being funny? And if you're really looking for a "LTR", shouldn't you spell check your ad?

Anyhoo, here are a few of my favorite comments from the personals. They're real winners:

"I've been accused of having GQ–looks". -- You poor thing! I'm so sorry someone accused you of being attractive.

"My sister is almost engaged." -- That's great. Why do I care?

"I have high standards." -- Right. That's why you're on Craigslist.

"Please be one hundred LBS to one hundred fifty-four LBS." -- Should I bring a scale so you can check?

"Don’t be a dude please." -- Ahhh, well, that IS why you're posting under "Men Seeking Women" right?

"I am tiered of being a nice guy and always getting hurt." -- Aren't we all?

"I find myself getting older with each passing day." -- Uhhh, that's usually how Time works.

"IM NOT A PERV." -- The caps aren't helping your cause.

"let me be the Dayquil to your sickness" ….Marry Me.

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KB said...

OMG Those are hilarious. I'll have to remember Craigslist as a source of laughs next time I'm bored and/or feeling bad for myself. It'll be a nice pick-me-up!