Saturday, April 2, 2011

Celebrity Crush - Adrien Brody

So, I've always loved Adrien Brody.  There's something about his crooked little (big) nose that just turns me on.  Then I saw "Splice" and I started to seriously rethink my celebrity crush because, follies, that movie was straight up AWFUL.  I don't care what it's Tomato Meter rating is, that movie was HORRIBLE.  And I told myself, "Self, you are not allowed to have a crush on this man again."

Then I saw these pictures and thought, well, it's totally okay to include Adrien Brody on my Celebrity Crush list as long as I don't list him as my number one crush.

So, follies, please enjoy some Adrien Brody :)

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Claire said...

I approve (though I haven't seen that movie)!

Folly of One said...

Thanks! And I highly recommend renting the movie when you have copious amounts of alcohol on hand to assist in making fun of the movie.