Friday, April 8, 2011

And the Blogger Award Goes to:

As a nice break from my normal blogging on about boys and crushes and dating and whathaveyou, I'd like to thank Ms. Josie Speaks Up... for awarding me with a the Versatile Blogger Award! It's a neat little award that goes blogger-to-blogger.  Part of this award is that I must include 7 things about myself and then nominate other bloggers for an award.

So here goes.

|1| Wine just *may* be the greatest beverage ever invented by humankind.  I'm rather obsessed with it, I think it's overpriced in restaurants but drink it anyway, and I try not to sound like a know-it-all when I discuss different varietals and vintages with people.  I don't know that I'm all that successful in that last bit.

|2| I really hate when I get an itch on the part of my scalp directly under a ponytail.  Most irritating thing, like, EVER.

|3| If I could take two foods with me on a desert island, I'd take grapes and potatoes.  It's ingenious, really: Grapes for fruit and sweets, and also WINE.  Potatoes for starches and carbs, and also VODKA.

|4| I just made a hamburger on my indoor panini-grill, and I'm rather impressed with myself.

|5| I hate flirting.  Loathe it.  I'm awful at it, and I can't tell the difference between when I'm being just subtle enough and when I'm being too subtle.  

|6| Despite my sometimes avid twittering, I really don't like Twitter.  But in this social media hey-day it seems silly not to have a Twitter to go with my blog.  So...I have a Twitter.

|7| Ever since watching "America's Next Top Model" for the first time, I practice my model walk wherever I go. FIERCE!

And now for the awards!

 Degree Times Three is awarded . . . The Versatile Award, for being such a versatile person in real life.

 Always Ashten is awarded . . . The Sticktoitiveness Award, for sticking to her set Quote of the Week and Woo Hoo Wednesday like a pro.  I can't even bother to post about my Blasts from the Past on a regular basis, so props to you, Ashten!

 The Fashion Issue is awarded . . . The Most Fashionable Award, for understanding trends and fashions at a different level than most people.

 And, lastly, Some Spare Thyme is awarded . . . The Tastiest Award.  Now, I'm exempting Some Spare Thyme from having to post and nominate again because I know she's done this before, but if you haven't checked out her awesome recipes (like red velvet cake balls!) then you must get over there STAT!


Claire said...

Awww, thank you! You da best!

Josie said...

A girl after my own heart- wine. Although I don't dare talk about it because despite my advanced age I still no nothing about it. I'm impressed with your inventiveness in taking grapes and potatoes to your desert island.
Also impressed with the awards you created, very well, creative!
josie x

Folly of One said...

Claire - You're welcome!

Josie - I took an upper-level wine course in college. It was difficult (and expensive!!) but I learned a lot! I'm pretty proud of my grapes and potatoes on the desert island, though my mother just laughed at me when I told her about my ingenious plan. And thanks for the compliments on my created awards - I decided to have a little fun with it :)

Ashten said...

How did I just see this?? I am grateful for you, loyal reader! :)

I'd like to thank the internet and of course Brad Pitt, because I'm pretty sure most things that are good are because of Brad Pitt.