Friday, April 29, 2011

Out to strike while the iron is hot!

I just wrote an incredibly heartfelt post about my mood swings, my mental state, and my having a quarter-life crisis.

Then read through it, teared up at the emotion behind my words, and realized there was no way I could post this.  Not yet, anyway.  It made me sound far more depressed and sad than I'm currently feeling.

I look cute, I'm in a chipper-for-my-current-state-of-mind mood, and feel like now is the time to get out among people while I have the energy!  Plus I'm still feeling all lovey-dovey after today's wonderful, uplifting, and GORGEOUS nuptials, so instead of catching up on others' and my own blogs, I'll instead be out grocery shopping whilst overdressed in the hopes of getting my flirt on, or at least keeping my chipper mood alive for as long as possible.  Might as well strike while the iron is hot, amiright?


Claire said...

Good for you! I'm no stranger to the funk, especially lately. I really do understand how you feel and know how much it sucks. I think it's good to seize the moment when you're feeling good. The good moods can come more easily after you've had some, I think it kind of breaks the funk. Sometimes I think time is the the only thing that can get you out of a funk, but I think making good choices and being positive can definitely help.

Josie said...

Yay! go flirt. Only one thing I've found; never do grocery shopping on a Sunday. . . supermarkets are full of COUPLES with CHILDREN aggghhhhhh! HOpe you had a fun day!
Josie x

Folly of One said...

Claire - Thanks! Sorry you're feeling funky too. I'm trying to feel as positive as possible, even if it's only for one day at a time.

Josie - Oh I've found that too!! I avoid the supermarkets on Sundays if at all possible. I have found that it's the most fun to shop at the natural grocer's - so many cute men walking around!!